Pet Christmas Gifts


It’s that time of year again…the Holidays! We’ve gathered lots of easy ideas to bring joy to both your animals and animal lovers during the season.

According to the Huffington Post, over 50 percent of people polled this year report that they would buy holiday gifts for their pets. Some will even hang stockings for their furry friends! You can find multiple simple solutions on how to incorporate the animals and the animal lovers into the holidays without breaking the bank.

One super easy and fun way to incorporate your pets into the holidays is to make them your Christmas or Happy Holidays card. Some card ideas include animals wearing a Christmas wreath, sitting amongst Christmas lights or wearing reindeer antlers. They can be sweet, funny and cute!

For your pet

Need some ideas for finding your great pet a great gift? Be sure to check out your local pet store. The holidays are a good time to replace that worn out collar or leash, for one idea. Or invest in a scratching post for your cat. Other gift ideas for your pet are special treats and new bedding or new toys. Just make sure that all toys are safe for pets and that collars are the correct size to avoid harming your furry pal. And try these websites:

  • Doctors Foster and Smith: this website lists gifts for dogs, cats, fish and others who live in aquariums, birds, horses, ferrets, etc…
  • includes gifts for dogs, cats and other pets

For the animal lover

Gift ideas for your list—and for others who love their pets—include picture frames, coffee mugs, doormats or bumper stickers. Again, check with your local pet store, too.

Some great websites for gifts to the animal lover are:

  • Animal Den: gifts for dog owners, cat lovers and other miscellaneous animal gifts.
  • The Paragon: variety of gifts for animal lovers.

If you create a pet christmas card, be sure to send us one!

Share your ideas for christmas gifts for pets with us in the comments!

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