Pet Celebrations!

Add some more joy to your week by finding special occasions to celebrate the pet(s) in your life.

One way we humans mark special events in our lives is to celebrate things like anniversaries, birthdays and other “firsts” in the family. Think adoption day, graduation from training school or another anniversary. No matter how many occasions you mark by throwing special events, you can certainly use some more fun in your life. So celebrate your pet!

Birthdays are an easy excuse to celebrate. Sing the birthday song, treat your pet to a special activity, or make or buy a new toy. A birthday is a great time to look back on how long your pet has been part of your family and how much you care for him. Some people even have pet birthday parties—and even invite neighbors to bring their pets by for a treat. Enjoy the fun of typical birthday activities—like making a cake in a special shape. (But don’t offer your pet too much in the way of foods he doesn’t usually eat. That might turn the birthday boy into a lousy feeling lump.)

Adoption day is another great time to enjoy special activities with your pet. Whether your pet came to you by way of a breeder, a shelter or rescue society, celebrate with a nod to the day he came into your life. You can also use this date as an excuse to share information about shelters and rescue societies with family, friends and coworkers. Or send the shelter or breeder a picture of you and your pet. They’ll be glad to see how everyone’s doing.

Happy Anniversary! Was your pet with you on a challenging hike or cross-country trip in years past? Or has he gone with you on vacation or to a certain place every year? Celebrate those times. Take out the photos and see how much you’ve both changed. It’s a great time to remember the fun had and even the challenges you overcame together. And if you have pets who have passed on, make this date the time to remember their life with you.

How do you celebrate your pet? Send us your ideas and photos to! 

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