Pet Carrier Destroyed by Doggie Doo? Upgrade to a JCLA Rescue Me Tote

I love fashion… and pets. While I would never cart my favorite felines around in anything other than a heavy-duty plastic pet carrier (I have nightmares about carrying them through a mob of zombies in nothing but my arms), I would love to pack a pooch in my purse. If I had one (a pooch that is, I have many purses… the fashion thing again).

I cannot help but smile whenever I see a darling little dog head peeking out of a purse, tote or backpack. However, I have wondered about what goes on in there. Do critter carriers end up with doggie debris on their Day-Timers?

Apparently so; and thus enters actress Jeanne Chinn (of Lethal Weapon 4 fame). Fed up with throwing out handbags due to soiled linings, Chinn designed the JCLA Rescue Me tote. It’s the first and only couture handbag to feature snap out, washable linings for easy cleaning.

Who can resist the ‘Te Quiero Chichuahua,’ ‘I Love New Yorkie,’ or ‘Doggie Style’ bag? There is even one for cat collectors, the ‘Flirty Feline.’ Each tote is adorned with a pet silhouette, jeweled collar, sculpted golden purse “paws.” and comes with two interchangeable linings. There is micro-mink leopard for colder weather and black cotton for warmer days.

Retailing for $210, these stylish pet carriers will satisfy the couture cravings of any fashion fanatic. They can be found in pet boutiques across the U.S. or purchased from Ten percent of the profits are donated to animal rescue organizations.

If you frequently carry your canine and are tired of tossing your favorite bags due to damage, join the ranks of fashionistas (including Kelly and Sharon Osbourne) who proudly pack their pups in a JCLA Rescue Me tote.

What do you use to carry your pet? Tell us in the comments!

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