Pet Bunnies

Here comes peter cottontail… Learn about other types of bunnies, besides the Easter bunny! Springtime is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner. That means it’s time for…bunnies! If you’re thinking about bringing home a rabbit for a pet, find out all you can so you both can have a hopping good time.

Just like any other animal, rabbits range in size and breeds. Listed below are some popular pet rabbit breeds:

  • Rex and Mini-Rex: These are small rabbits with short fur. It’s so soft that it feels like velvet and is a variety of colors. The con to these rabbits: they are prone to sore hocks (the soles of their paws become red and swollen).
  • Netherland Dwarf: These are the Chihuahuas of the rabbits! This breed is the smallest rabbit breed, weighing in at only about 2.5 pounds—that’s how much half a bag of sugar weighs! With a small body comes a lot of energy, so these are great rabbits for kids or adults who want an active pet.
  • Flemish Giant Rabbit: While the Netherland Dwarf is the Chihuahua of bunnies, this is the Great Dane of rabbits! These rabbits top the scale and can weigh over 20 pounds! Because of their size, these rabbits aren’t recommended for children. They also require a sturdy cage that supports their weight. However, they are very calm pets who can live indoors or out.
  • Himalayan: This breed has long bodies with very smooth fur. They are very gentile and only average about four pounds. Their coat is primarily white, but with splashes of color that includes brown, black and even lilac!

To be sure that a rabbit is the right pet for you, do your own research. Visit websites, talk to other owners and get advice from your vet.

Do you have a pet rabbit? What breed? Tell us in the comments!

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