New Pet Assure Merchant!

Pet Assure is happy to announce its partnership with Zoom Room, complete training for you and your dog!

At the Zoom Room, we don't train dogs; we train the people who love them. We cater to responsible dog owners, using only positive reinforcement training methods, and require owners to be with their dogs at all times, actively engaged in learning and playing.  We believe that early socialization is critical to a dog's well being, and present a wide range of opportunities for socialization in our small group classes, private gym sessions, meet-up socials, and parties. Health and fitness are also of primary concern, and two of our most popular offerings are our agility classes and private gym.  Agility, once a rarefied sport for serious enthusiasts with high voltage dogs, is now something we have embraced and popularized as a recreational activity suitable for all breeds, ages, and levels of ability.  It's a lot of fun, but also is a great way to deepen the bonds of communication between dog and owner.  So many dogs simply need compelling tasks to focus on, and agility lets them exercise both body and mind.

Many of our clients are frustrated with dog parks due to inclement weather, fear of inattentive dog owners and skirmishes, not knowing whether the other dogs are up to date on their vaccinations, and a general absence of any structured play.  All of our enrichment classes – like Urban Herding, tricks, Pup-latesR, scent work and the aforementioned agility, afford dogs and their owners a climate-controlled indoor dog gym for a far more stimulating and pleasurable experience, complete with free fair trade coffee, great music, and the company of like-minded dog owners.  Private Gym lets people get in quality time with their dog, whatever the weather, to enjoy full use of the gym.  Some will practice their skills on the agility obstacle course; others will make use of our community chest of puzzles and toys.  We have found that play is crucial to the healthy development of dogs, but structured play in a positive, clean, safe environment is the best possible atmosphere for both dogs and owners alike.

With our partnership with Zoom Room, Pet Assure members can save 10% off all services! Simply present your Pet Assure card at checkout.

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