Pet Allergies

Do pet allergies have you or your guests down? Learn how to keep the symptoms at bay.

I think everyone has that friend or family member who is allergic to fluffy animals, whether that is cats, dogs or bunnies. My mom thought she was allergic to rabbits for the longest time. Then our vet informed her that usually people who are allergic to rabbits are also allergic to cats, which my mom isn’t. In fact, people aren’t usually allergic to the actual animal; they are allergic to the dander that comes from the coats of fur. And there are some pretty easy ways to keep that dander at bay, along with the allergy symptoms!

  • Clean, clean, clean: When the dander settles on furniture and countertops, it can kick-start those allergy symptoms. Before you have visitors, you may want to dust your furniture and vacuum your carpet. If you have regular company with allergies to dander, you may want to make the dusting a weekly routine. My boyfriend is allergic to cats, so I make sure to tidy up my apartment before he comes over.
  • Suggest that visitors with allergies wash their hands frequently: Simply washing your hands after touching a pet can keep allergy symptoms at bay. Usually, when a person gets dander on their hands and then touches their face or eyes, that combination brings on the allergy symptoms.
  • Shampoo time: There are pet shampoos that help maintain the dander. You can find these shampoos at your local pet store, and each one has its own set of instructions.

If you have any questions regarding allergies in relation to pets, you may want to consult with your veterinarian.

Do you know anyone that's allergic to pets? How do you prepare for them to visit your home?

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