Pet Airline Travel

For most, pets are considered part of the family and we love to take them anywhere that we go, even on planes. More airlines now allow pets to travel in the cabin for a fee. While this may be nice for pet parents, what does it mean for the other passengers on the flight?

Major airlines have face a lot of criticism for their new pet policies. Travelers with allergies are very concerned that animals are now allowed inside the cabin.

Pets that are traveling in the cabin must be kept in a carrier and stowed under the seat in front of their owner. However, this confinement may not be enough for those with animal allergies. Recirculated air and confined spaces can rapidly cause a reaction among passengers with allergies.

In efforts to combat passenger concerns, airlines limit the amount of pets on flights to between two and six animals. Others allow passengers who are uncomfortable to move their seat and to be rebooked on other flights. Still, many argue that any animal in the cabin poses a health risk.

Pets are important members of the family, but should we allow them to travel in airplane cabins if it poses a health risk?

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