Overweight Cats

Have you noticed that your cat is looking rather plump? Learn how to incorporate more exercise and less food to avoid cat obesity!

When my roommate and I moved into our new apartment, we moved in with her new cat, Mitzy. Mitzy is a very striking animal, who once had a very slim figure. However, I noticed that as the holidays approached, her belly started to resemble that of Santa Claus’s!

My roommate and I started brainstorming ways to get her weight back down to a healthy size. For the other feline owners who may also have this problem, I think we have found a few solutions:

  • Only feed your pet once a day. Unbeknownst to me, my apartment-mate had been feeding our cat every time that the food bowl was empty. This is not good for all cats, because your pet’s stomach and appetite can grow, just like a human’s. Talk to your veterinarian about exactly how much food your particular cat should be given each day.
  • Find more nutritional treats for your furry friend. My roommate and I decided to be more proactive and look over the ingredients in the treats we give Mitzy. We also decided to invest in treats that help with her dental hygiene.
  • Include more playtime during the day. Unfortunately, my roommate and I both work full-time outside of our home. Therefore, we have to make it a priority to actively play with Mitzy when we each arrive back at home. Some games she likes include playing with a laser pointer and rolling around a jingle ball. Just make sure the toys are made for pets.

If you have tried these steps but your cat still has an unhealthy weight, consider speaking to your veterinarian about other options.

How do you keep your cat at a healthy weight? Give us your tips in the comment section!

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