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Does your fish have to have an aquarium? While most fish owners opt for the aquarium, there’s another way to proudly display your pet fish.

There have been a few restaurants that I have been in that have a little pond with brightly colored fish swimming around. These made me ponder: if those fish can live like that in a restaurant, surely the fish can live in a habitat outside of a home, right? Time to find out!

If you’re considering an pond outdoors, there are only certain types of  freshwater fish to choose from. The most common are the Japanese Koi. You know these guys. They are also larger than the typical goldfish, although they do have similarly bright colorings. Another type of fish that can be used in the outdoor area is fancy goldfish, which are larger than regular goldfish. Other varieties include the Mosquito fish, Shubunkin, Sarasa Comet, Bitterling and American Flagfish. Want to guess why the Mosquito fish would be a great fish to have in your outdoor aquarium? Yep: because it eats mosquitoes! It will also eat insect larvae and algae, which helps keep the habitat clean and looking nice. To find these types of freshwater fish, or other types that may be good for pond life, visit your local pet store.

What size outdoor pond do you need? Experts recommend having one that can hold about 20 gallons. The pond should be filled with freshwater, and the temperature should be moderate. The best place in the yard for  the pond is an area that offers both sunlight and shade. Do think about nearby trees that lose their leaves, however, because those leaves can create a mess you’ll have to clean up in the fall. You can also add plants around and in the area. You can find these plants, both real and fake, at the local pet store.

For more information about creating an outdoor place for your pet fish this fall, talk to the folks at your favorite pet store or vet.

Do you have an outdoor pond? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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