Online Puppies

Most Americans buy something online each year. Some dog owners are now buying their dogs online as well! Is this an idea you should consider?

In an informal survey taken by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Americans report they are now adopting puppies online just as often as they are from pet stores. Perhaps related, the Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported that hundreds of complaints are being filed each year from victims who were scammed when purchasing a dog online. While many things can be bought online, you may want to rethink before investing in a live animal.

One of the common online scams is the ole “bait and switch.” The ASPCA reports that the majority of the puppies that are sold online come from puppy farms. This means that the picture you view online of a healthy and adorable pooch will probably not be the animal you receive. Dogs can arrive in poor health and aren’t used to socializing with other animals, including humans. So these newly adopted pets usually come with behavior issues and can be high maintenance in terms of care and attention.  For instance, some animals may have separation anxiety, and some may be very skittish around other pets and humans.

Another common scam technique is to list the certification of the puppies. Some websites may advertise that the animals featured are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered. This could be true, however, the only requirement for a dog to be AKC registered is that the parents both have AKC papers. It means little about the health of the animal.

While the idea of purchasing a puppy online may seem like a great idea and a hassle-free way to adopt a new pet, it can have these serious drawbacks. For any pet, experts say to meet and play with it before making the decision to adopt it. That’s better for you, your family and your new pet.

Tell us about your experience with adopting a pet!

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