Omega Oils and Pets

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  1. Teresa Gennett says:

    My daughter have her Yellow Lab which live with me in my country homeplace in CT. Beto, his name..will be 11 years old in April…(next month)..I read your article and I am interesting about Omega to give dog..I wonder where can I get and how much to give him?? He weight between 80 to 90..recetnly he weighted 90 pounds….
    Let me know how much to give him and where to get that???
    Thank you,

    P.S. he still runs to fetch ball all times, loves to ride car and number one is swimming too!! After playing with ball he limps little by front paw on right side..but still runs for ball..huh??
    Thanks, again!!

  2. Teresa Gennett says:

    I mean about Omega oils…sorry not put "oil" on mu first message..
    Thank you,
    Teresa Gennett

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