Nutritional Excellence in Pet Foods

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  1. Jill Ryan says:

    My sweet long haired doxey, Bailey, is 9 years old. He isn't on the best diet. He's always been on the hefty side. He's not blubbery fat but definitely not a slim weiny either. :-). I adore him and want the best for him. I was chastised about feeding him deli chicken when I went to the vet last visit. They put him on Science Diet OM. He wouldn't touch it after 3-4 days. I tried his old dry food, Natural Choice, and he ate it. Of course, I still give him a small bit of deli chicken and a few treats. I think I may be his enabler, so to speak.
    He may have lost a bit but not much. What really bothers me is that the actual doc always acted like it was O.K. It was a tech who got after me.
    I know I need to do better. What food is the best?

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