New Years Resolutions for Pets 2015

New Year's Resolutions For Your Pets

Photo by Lynn Friedman / CC BY-NC-ND

What are your New Years resolution?

Have you ever made New Years resolutions for your pets? This is the best time of year to start new habits with your animal. And we’re calling on the calendar of your choice to help us out. Paper calendar, e-mail reminder, smart phone or smart watch—pick one or pick several to make 2015 healthier for your pet. Need some ideas? Look no further!

  • Update tags: Whether you have a new address or phone number or if your pet’s tags are just worn out, get your pet new tags with up-to-date information. Or consider whether getting a microchip implanted in your pet would be good for him—and for your peace of mind. The microchip goes between its shoulder blades, just below the skin. It not only contains information on where to return your pet but can also include medical charts. This could come in handy if an emergency arises and someone else finds your pet.
  • Update calendar: Start marking your calendar for the many good things to keep track of throughout the year. For instance, ensuring that your animal has an annual health appointment or something as simple as brushing your pet’s teeth. This is actually very important, as it can prevent gum disease. For brushing, mark your calendar once a week. For the annual health appointment, mark your calendar for the day you’re going to schedule it.
  • Update exercise goals: Want to plan for a longer walk in the morning, or for playing fetch two times a day? The new year is a good time to make new exercise goals for you and your pet. This is another thing you can mark on your calendar so that you can be sure to keep track of it.

Kick off the new year with your furry friend, and some handy reminders, by your side!

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