New Year’s Resolutions Including Pets

It’s the time to set new goals—for everyone in your family. As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time to make some resolutions for the New Year. While we usually think of  New Year's resolutions for ourselves, why don’t you include your pets this year?!

A common tradition as the year closes and a new one begins is to make some new resolutions. The most common ones focus on weight and personal habits. However, why not switch it up this year? Pets might benefit from your resolutions as well. Below are some fun and interesting resolutions to make for your pet this year.

  • Update Pet Tags: If your housing, e-mail or phone information has changed, this might be a good time to update it. Consider investing in a new microchip that holds all of your pet’s information electronically.
  • Exercise More: This resolution never goes out of style. Getting more exercise will be beneficial to both you and your furry friend, and it doesn’t have to be tedious! You can make a decision to either play more or take more walks, both of which are fun activities that can include the entire family. To watch your progress in maintaining this goal, keep a calendar with your play or walk times.
  • Schedule Regular Veterinary Visits: If you don’t really follow the regular check-up schedule for your pet, this is your time to make a decision to change that. If your pet’s physicals are up to date, how about making a resolution to clean your animal’s teeth regularly or to keep the nails/claws trimmed? A good to way to ensure this goal is met is to schedule a few grooming times and mark the dates on your calendar. To get started, mark the day on your calendar when you will call to schedule the first appointment.
  • Upgrade the Quality of Food: If you’ve been buying the standard pet food, that’s probably fine. But ask your vet if there’s a specific brand that can improve your pet’s digestive system and provide good nutrients and vitamins. These brands are a bit of a splurge, so you could save them as a special treat for holidays throughout the year.
  • Be more Festive: Break out the collars! Local pet stores usually sell pet collars with fun holiday decorations – everything from St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween and Christmas!

Bring in the new year with new habits, for both you and your pet! Are you planning on any resolutions with your pets in mind? Tell us in the comment section!

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