New Year's Resolutions with your Dog!

If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions, have no fear! Here are some ideas on kicking off 2013 with good habits, for both you and your dog.

For those who haven’t made resolutions yet, or for those whose resolutions may not have stuck, it’s never too late to set new goals for your dog or puppy. Here are a few helpful tips to inspire ideas for better habits for the year 2013.

  • 1 Treat = 1 Trick: By trick, I don’t mean only when your pet does a little dance or fetches a ball. A “trick” can be a basic pet obedience skill such as “sit” or “stay.” However, the goal for this “one for one” habit is to only give treats when your pet deserves a reward. This will also spruce up your pet’s obedience skills and tricks. If this good routine is already being used in your household, you can upgrade your treats. Treats are now being sold in local pet stores that can help your pet’s teeth and also contain good vitamins and nutrients.
  • Brush, Brush, Brush! And we’re not talking fur. A common area that is often overlooked by pet owners is the pet’s mouth. Pets can develop gum disease or have rotted teeth just like any human. A good idea to maintain pet dental health is to mark a couple days of the month that you will brush your pet’s teeth. Another option is to invest in the treats mentioned above that can help with your pet’s breath and teeth.
  • The Art of Exercise: Exercise never goes out of style for pets! Especially if you have a dog, exercise can release energy and help foster the bond between you and your pet. If your choice of exercise is to walk with your dog, you can also brush up on your pet’s obedience skills. Some skills to work on can be not straining on the leash, heeling when commanded and being nice to other animals that might also be out for a stroll. This would also be a good time to carry the treats mentioned above to help motivate your pooch.

Whether it is brushing up on skills or creating entirely new habits, start the New Year off with the right foot, or paw! What would you and your pet like to focus on in 2013?

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