New Years Pet Safety

Ring in the new year…safely! While celebrating the New Year is a time of merriment, it can also be a time for accidents. Learn how to keep your pet safe during the festivities.

There are many traditions associated with ringing in the New Year. Some include an innocent kiss, while others include alcohol and firecrackers. While a kiss certainly won’t harm your pet, the other two traditions can.

You may be asking yourself, “How would alcohol be dangerous for my pet?” If your pet accidentally gets into a glass someone leaves behind, it can very poisonous—to both dogs and cats. Even a small amount in an animal can cause alcohol poisoning. Some symptoms of pet alcohol poisoning include drooling, vomiting, a swollen belly, elevated heart rate and coma. If you suspect that your pet has ingested alcohol, call your local animal hospital immediately.

The other threat to your furry friend on this night is firecrackers. While these are very exciting for us, they can be a very scary sight and sound to your pet. To keep your animal safe from possibly getting in the way of a firework or getting burned, keep it either in the house or in a secure area.

You might also try these ideas to keep the pet anxiety level low:

  • If the strange lights from fireworks set your pooch’s barking off, close the curtains so that it won’t be quite as disturbed.
  • Allow for your pet to have some safe spots. If the kennel or under a specific bed is the safe spot, for example, make sure your animal has access to it. Allow open access to all his safe spots.
  • If at all possible, find a compact room that your pet can stay in for the duration of the fireworks. This will especially help those furry friends that are scared by the noises, because the room will dampen the sound. Make sure that the room is cozy, maybe with your animal’s blanket and a few favorite toys, as well.

Ring in the New Year, safe and sound!

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