My Pet Ate My Homework… And So Much More!

If you think the Jonah and the whale story is interesting, check out these digestive feats.
As the owner of a dog that has single-handedly swallowed three pairs of underwear, two socks, half of a leather belt, and a needle, I thought I had seen it all. Riley may have interesting eating habits, but some of the x-rays collected by the New York Daily News are even more impressive.
One dog swallowed 10 rocks from his owner’s backyard. She only realized it when playing fetch with her pup, and hearing what sounded like marbles in his pockets. The only thing was, her dog wasn’t wearing pants or pockets. The rocks were in his belly.
Of course, there is the dreaded x-ray of a diamond engagement ring safe inside a canine belly. This seems to happen so much in the movies that it has to happen in real life too. Earrings and necklaces are other commonly eaten items.
Another dog managed to swallow a rubber duck toy, while yet another found a wooden pencil difficult to resist. The most unsettling x-rays are those of dogs with long knives inside them. Hopefully they don’t make that mistake twice.
Coins were also found in the bellies of several dogs. Probably the best x-ray, however, is of a golf ball inside of a snake. In his defense, though, golf balls look very similar to eggs.
If you didn’t witness your dog or cat eating a strange object, it may be difficult to know that he has. Be alert for odd behavior. If the object is large, your pet may have trouble laying down or curling up. If he has eaten a lot of non-food items, your pet might not be hungry. Be on the lookout for any unusual activity.
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