Moving With a Pet: Pet Safety

Summertime is often the time when people—and their pets—make a move to a new home. I have had two major moves in my life; moving from St. Louis, Missouri, to New Bern, North Carolina, and then from my college apartment into my adult apartment this Spring. While neither move was particularly fun, the move from St. Louis was made more challenging by the fact that we were also moving two dogs and four cats. You can make such a move successful if you keep one main thing in mind: your pet’s safety.

Here are some tips for successfully moving with a pet in tow:

  • Get your pets used to being in a crate or kennel. During long drives, experts recommend keeping pets in a confined space. This keeps them from wandering around and perhaps getting underfoot—of the driver! It can also keep them from harm if you have to stop suddenly or if you’re in an accident. To help them get used to the crate or kennel, keep your pet in it for longer periods of time in the weeks leading up to the move.
  • Start taking short drives with your pets. This will help them get used to when the car is packed and ready to go!
  • Plan a roadmap. Figure out where the rest stops are that have an outdoor area for your pet to use the restroom, and then to stretch its legs. Also keep in mind whether and where you’ll be staying overnight. If you’ll still be on the road, plan ahead to find pet-friendly hotels that your pets will be happy and comfortable in.
  • Always have a leash on hand, especially in new places. Dogs especially can become very excited in new surroundings, and may take off running without a second’s thought!

Moving doesn’t always have to be stressful. With planning, it can be a fun adventure for you and your pet! In my next post, I’ll share some tips on how you and your family can help your pet adjust once you arrive at your new home.

Did you ever move with a pet? Share your pet safety tips with us!

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