Moving With a Pet: Getting Adjusted

Same pet, new space. Adjusting to a new home might difficult for you, but imagine how your pet feels! As a recent college graduate, I found myself moving into my “adult” apartment. While all the same old stuff transitioned with me (shower curtain, sheets, books, and on, and on…), we will have something new in the apartment: a cat. Mitzy, my roommate’s cat, had been living with someone else while we were in school. Now, not only are my roommate and I adjusting to life outside of college, but we are trying to make the transition as smooth as possible for Mitzy.

What are some helpful tips for moving pets, you may ask? Well, here’s what we’ve figured out so far:

  • Wait until all furniture and boxes have been moved into the new space before bringing your pet to your new home. First, this keeps the pet safe. When boxes and heavy furniture are being moved, they tend to obstruct the vision of the mover. And a moving pet at your feet could result in your broken toe, or a pet’s broken tail! Second, since doors tend to be opening and closing a lot more when you’re moving, your animal could slip out and get lost in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Let your pet investigate the space. My roommate has brought Mitzy over several times so that she can sniff around the space and get used to it. She visited approximately three times, and on the fourth time, her stuff made the move as well. If your new place is large—like a two-story home—some timid pets might also do better if they get used to just one or two rooms at first, and gradually explore the new home over days or even a week.
  • Stay with your pet on the first day, as much as you can. On the day Mitzy moved into the apartment, my roommate and I made sure that between the two of us, she was never alone. This will help your pet to know that he/she isn’t being abandoned.

If you have any other concerns with helping your pet, consult with your veterinarian.

Did you ever move with a pet? Share your tips with us to get your pet adjusted to a new space!

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