Mix One Part Yorkie with Two Parts Chihuahua, Then Add a Dash of Dachshund…

Mixed breeds are a bit like mixed drinks, you’re never entirely sure what is in them. While you can ask your bartender what is in your drink, a shelter representative or veterinarian can only make an educated guess about what is in your dog. Until now, that is. Thanks to readily available doggie DNA testing kits, inquisitive dog owners can now delve deeper into their pooch’s past.
How is this possible? Using the same technology as law enforcement agencies use to analyze human DNA, a canine DNA test compares the genetic sequences in your dog’s DNA to that of breeds in a database. As a result, it becomes possible to determine the breeds that contribute to your dog’s mixed breed composition.
Most of the tests available to consumers utilize a sample obtained by swabbing the inside of your dog’s cheek.  The swab is then mailed to a lab for analysis. Once the sample is analyzed, you’ll receive a report (usually by email) illustrating your dog’s genetic history.
The cost of dog DNA testing varies by company. Wisdom Panel offers a comprehensive test kit for about $70 and promises results within two to three weeks. Canine Heritage offers their test for $55. The Happy Dog DNA test is also $55. While these tests can be ordered online, you may also be able to purchase them at your local pet store or from your veterinarian.

Do you have a mixed breed dog? Do you know for sure what breeds it comes from or are you still guessing?

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