There are Mice Beneath my Refrigerator

My house is infested with mice. I find them in my drawers, by my pillow and even in my shoes. I recently dug a dozen from beneath the refrigerator, where they had been batted after a boisterous game of mouse hockey. Their blue, green and orange bodies litter my living room floor, peak from beneath the couch and have even found their way into the toilet bowl.
Most of these mice are missing their ears. Some are missing their tail. A few have had their eyeballs nibbled off, while others are balding or have sun-bleached fur. These catnip scented vermin have endured years of rough play and even rougher loving. They rank high on the list of Jezebel’s favorite toys. As she is the eldest, they’ve had nine years to accumulate.
There are nearly as many puffballs scattered about my home. Gabby loves them more than the mice. Her favorite changes from week to week, the current one a fluffy lemon-yellow pompom, the previous a sparkly gold variety. She carries them from room to room, often meowing around them in her mouth. We call them her babies, as she transports them to the basement or the bedroom one by one.
Tegan prizes anything she can bat off a table or steal from her papa’s basement office. These items include pens, pencils, rubber bands, paperclips, an allen wrench, screws and nails. I can say from experience that finding a catnip mouse in one’s shoe with one’s foot is more comfortable than discovering a thumbtack in the same location (the thumbtacks have now been locked away in a drawer to prevent kitty or human injury).
My home looks like a Petsmart blew up in it. My refrigerator is teeming with mice. My shoes are full of paperclips and other assorted metal objects. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

What’s your cat’s favorite toy? What’s the most interesting place you’ve found it in?

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