Masking Litter Box Smells

What’s that smell? Most cat owners know the unpleasant litter box odor when they smell it. Learn some tricks on how to mask the odor.

My roommate and I are fresh out of college, and we live in a nice, but small, apartment. We also live with her cat, Mitzy. And Mitzy’s litter box. When we moved in, we had to figure out the best place to put her “bathroom.” Unfortunately for us, the best place happens to be in a corner in our living room. Not the most pleasant, right? Well, we have it cleverly hidden so it is not right out in the open. However, sometimes you can smell that there is a litter box in the room, if you catch my drift.

So, for all of the cat owners out there, what are some of the best techniques to cover that smell? Here’s what I’ve found out:

  • Find a litter that has a built-in air freshener. For example, litters that use baking soda tend to have fewer aromas than others that don’t.
  • You may need to start cleaning the litter box more frequently. While the timing may be determined by how many cats are in one household, Mitzy’s litter gets changed every couple of days. Most cats are very particular about their bathrooms, and you will know when it is time for a quick clean up. For example, they might eliminate outside of the litter box when they feel it is too dirty for their taste.
  • If your current litter box does not have a hood on it, you may want to invest in one. The hooded style boxes can help keep those pesky odors—and flying litter—inside, versus spread around the room.

Even with these tips, you may want to try getting a spray such as Febreeze, or light a scented candle in a safe spot!

How do you handle cat litter box odors? Share tips with us in the comment section!

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2 Responses

  1. Ruby Marlowe says:

    Per your suggestions about "Masking Kitty Litter Box Smells"

    1. According to Veterinary toxicology experts working for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center consider Febreze fabric freshener products to be safe for use in homes with pets..[5] However, the package labeling indicates that the product is considered NOT SAFE AROUND BIRDS. Please add this disclaimer to your suggestion.

    2. I would never leave a lighted scented candle anywhere. Cats are too curious and I would rather change the litter box more often than accidentally come home to a fire.

  2. Yvonne says:

    This is the worst article, worst advice I've ever seen. First off, even if you only have one cat, you should be sifting the litter at least twice a day. How would you like to go to the bathroom in the morning and not flush your toilet and have to use it all day with poop and pee in it? Imagine doing it for a couple of days!!! Don't be a lazy, passive pet parent – clean the darn litter box appropriately.
    Second, why would you use a covered litter box when all it does is hold in the smell for the cat and make it difficult for it to turn around inside and cover its business? Covered litter boxes are unhealthy for the cats. If you are too lazy to sweep a little scattered litter, you don't need a cat.

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