Marijuana Around Pets

Marijuana has become legal in some states. What happens if your pet gets into it? Marijuana and pets is not a good match.

Marijuana has become legalized in 20 states, so what does that mean for the pets in those areas? According to veterinarians, it means that it should be kept out of reach for any four-legged family members. How do you know if your furry family member has gotten into marijuana? Pets that have eaten too much of the drug typically appear dazed and sleepy. According to the Animal Critical care and Emergency Services in Renton, Washington, the side effects can include vomiting, tremors and incontinence. If you notice these symptoms, call your animal hospital immediately.

However, some pet owners say that giving terminally ill animals a form of marijuana, known as cannabis, can improve the quality of life for them. Veterinarians are saying, “Not so fast!” There are many reasons for keeping this drug from animals. For starters, veterinarians are not allowed to recommend or prescribe cannabis as a treatment for pets because the drug has not undergone enough testing to determine what the long-term effects are in household animals. Furthermore, this type of marijuana has not been tested to see all the different symptoms it can treat. Dr. Duncan Lascelles from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine stated that testing the drug could take well up to a decade due to the complex nature and varieties of the substance. In order to thoroughly test the treatment, researchers would have to find a suitable extract, root and dosage.

While marijuana may be legal in some states, it is not yet legal for your furry friend. So be on the safe side and use only the drugs your vet recommends.

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