Making the move with pets

Many families utilize the summer to relocate with their families. For many, this means moving with their pets.

While moving can be a stressful time for the humans in your family, do not forget that your furry friends feel that stress too. Suddenly changing your pet’s environment can greatly increase their stress levels. There are ways that you can reduce their stress and yours while moving.

Many cat owners know that getting your feline into their carrier can be a stressful job. If your cat does not like the carrier or is not used to it, try acclimating them to it in the weeks leading up to move. Place it in the room with them and put their favorite toy in the carrier. Let them go in on their own and praise them when they do.

For your dog, make sure that they are accustomed to riding in the car. Start with short rides to the park and around your neighborhood before your move. Make sure that they are used to their safety harness! Gradually increase the amount of time that they spend in the car and you are sure to have a well behaved dog when moving day comes.

While moving it can help to move your pets to a quiet and confined area. The movement and strange people can cause anxiety for your pet. Place your cats in their carriers in a quiet dark space while moving and confine your dog to the yard or a closed room.

Your family will be ready in no time if you use these moving day tips!

Have more moving day tips? Let us know in the comments section!

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