The Majestic Macaw

The macaw is a beautiful and intelligent bird. They love company, and you can even train them to talk, as some Pet Assure readers may already know firsthand. Macaws are a member of the parrot family, and many species are available as pets. Before you decide, however, it’s good to know that bringing a macaw into your life is a major commitment, for a couple of reasons.
First, you might enjoy their talking. Then again, maybe not. In the wild their voices are made to carry long distances – far longer than the length of your living room.  Macaws left to their own devices will get very loud.
Next, these birds are very social and even loving. They will allow themselves to be handled by strangers if a trusted human is nearby. And unless you get two, your macaw will form its strongest bond with you.
Macaws are also very intelligent birds, so they need constant stimulation. Toys are the best way to provide this, because these guys love to chew! In fact, if they don’t have an ample supply of chew toys, they will turn to chewing their cage… or your furniture.
Some Macaws have made it to the ripe old age of 100 or more, but 50 is a more average lifespan for these birds. Unfortunately, some macaws are illegally trapped to be sold as pets. If you are charmed by this fantastic bird and want to bring one home, make sure you get it from a reputable source. A hand-reared male macaw will make a wonderful companion.

Are you ready to commit to caring for one of these gorgeous smart companions? Do you already have one, and would like to share with us more info on what it takes to properly maintain? Please contribute in the comments below.

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