Lost pet AND found: Two steps you can take today to ensure a happy reunion tomorrow

No matter how careful you are, a pet can wander away from home. The longer he’s gone, the more at risk he is for dehydration, injury or worse. If your pet is lost, your best chance of finding him quickly is to take just two steps today, before you have a lost pet to find.

Before your pal ever wanders from home, take these two steps to help him return safe and sound—and quickly—to your loving arms:

Keep a current picture of your pet handy. This is the top tip from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Close-ups can help. But also take a picture of your pooch, cat or other pets beside a common object-such as a fire hydrant or a chair-to show your pet’s size. Both types of photos can help good Samaritans return your wandering family member to you. If you use a good cell phone camera or digital camera, you can also use a computer to make “missing” posters quickly. Photos on your cell phone would also come in handy if your pet goes missing while you’re traveling with him out of town.

Make sure your furry friend has identification. A pet tag should include a phone number and the pet’s name, at the least. When choosing which phone number to use, consider options if you’re not home. A vet’s number or your cell phone might be better. You might also want to keep any rabies tags on the collar, too, so anyone who finds him can rest assured he’s up to date on his shots. Microchip identification, which I wrote about earlier, is another option. But it’s a little more expensive and couldn’t be read immediately by someone who might find your pet.

Did your pet ever get lost? How did you find it? Tell us your story in the comments!

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