Litter Box: Where to Put It?

Where, oh where, should the litter box go? Many cat owners struggle with the same question, “Where do I put the litter box?”

When moving into a tiny, post-college apartment, one always considers the amount of space, or lack thereof, when figuring out what pet to have. And if you decide on a tiny cat, the big question is where to put a litter box. Even a tiny cat—with all his supplies—takes up a lot of room.

In a tiny apartment like mine and my roommate’s, there really is no good space. I personally did not want it to go by the clean clothes, obviously nobody wanted it near the kitchen, and my roommate’s bathroom is too tiny to keep it there. So we went searching for and found some ideas:

  • Find a nook or cranny or your apartment or house. This can be a cat corner with a scratching pad or post, along with the litter box. You may want to keep your pet’s food and water in a separate location, however, because some cats won’t eat food if it is too close to their “bathroom.”
  • A walk-in closet may be a good option if your cat is tidy when using the litter box. You can get litter with a pleasant smelling odor that will hide the less-than-pleasant smells, or you can get air fresheners to surround the box.
  • Another option is to take off the cabinet door on a low cabinet (such as a bathroom or towel cabinet) and place the litter box on the side of the cabinet that still has a door. This means your cat will be able to access its “restroom,” but company won’t have to see it or know it’s there.
  • A decorative screen, even a short fireplace screen, can also hide the litter box.

Litter boxes may not be the most fun aspect of owning a cat, but it can spark some creativity.

Where do you keep the cat litter box? Tell us in the comment section!

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2 Responses

  1. Sirpa says:

    The litter box is an issue for sure.. I am lucky to live alone, except for my companion cat, of course. And she owns the apartment, as cat people know. She accepted the tiny area next to my toilet, between that and the shower doors. That's where her litter box has been for the last 10 years, and it works very well.
    Good luck, Michelle!

  2. Brian Ringel says:

    I worked in furniture, and we have cubicles in our office. I installed a panel on the end of one of the cubicles, and put the litter box behind it. Gives the kitties privacy and guests can not see it if they look into the room.

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