Life with Cats? "Cat vs Human" gets it right every time

There are “cat ladies” and then there are “crazy cat ladies.” I suspect that I fall into the latter category. I’m owned by more than two cats. I have more than one cat tattoo. At any given time, cat scratches cover at least one of my limbs. My house has more litter boxes than toilets. And “Cat vs Human” is by far my new favorite comic.
Yasmine Surovec, the brilliant San Francisco artist and illustrator of “Cat vs Human,” hits crazy cat ladies right on the head (not literally, of course, but with her comics). I stumbled across her work while perusing another of my favorite time-wasting websites, icanhascheezburger (because I cannot resist cats with poor grammar and spelling skills), and become an instant fan.
From fascinating insights into cat behavior, to equally fascinating insights into cat lady behavior, this comic will have you laughing for hours and coming back for more. Even better, fans will soon be able to share “Cat vs Human” with their friends and family in book form. Due to be released in October, Yasmine’s first book, also titled “Cat vs Human,” is available for pre-order on Amazon. I know what everyone on my list is getting for Christmas.

What’s your favorite “cat website”? Share it with us in the comments below!

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