Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

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  1. Colleen Moceri says:

    Cats also have laryngeal paralysis, though much more rare than in dogs. I have a rescue kitty who was born with it and had to wait almost a year for him to grow big enough to get a scope into his throat to confirm. What a long year THAT was! Poor thing. Dr. Degner at Michigan Veterinary Specialists diagnosed him & did the surgery. Milagro had a fairly good result from his laryngeal tieback surgery and is doing great with a great prognosis. Being a cat, overexcitement isn't really an issue. With dogs that can become life-threatening. He can no longer meow (out loud, anyway) and when he purrs he drools (so cute!), but other than that he is doing well. Sometimes he does get into a coughing episode, but being a cat doesn't get over excited and the episode usually ends within a few seconds.

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