Kitty Tales of Houseguest Horror

We don’t often have houseguests –at least not the kinds that sleep over. Our home lacks a guest bedroom and is patrolled by three fuzzy sentries at all hours of the day and night. Over the years, we have learned that they aren’t particularly well behaved when houseguests are around.
Our first sleepover houseguest was my younger sister. We readied the living room couch with pillows and blankets before retiring to our own room for bed. The night passed quietly, so I was surprised to learn the next morning that my sister had barely slept a wink. One of the cats had perched on the upstairs pass-through ledge throughout the night, meowing ominously and glaring angrily down upon her.
Our next houseguest had a more peaceful night. Perhaps it was because our new couch was more comfortable than the old one. Or perhaps she slumbered more deeply due to lack of oxygen. One of the cats had insisted on spending most of the night curled up on her face.
We recently had another houseguest, my husban’s friend from out of town, for several days. Our youngest cat is still quite rambunctious, especially during the night, so I tired her out with play each evening in the hopes that she would not interrupt his sleep. I was successful, as she did not. However, she did vomit half-digested cat food all over his suitcase.
If a friend or family member is brave enough to sleep on our couch and use the “cats’ bathroom” on the main floor (the one containing the majority of the litter boxes), then I am certainly willing to let them. Next time, however, I may require that they sign a waiver.

Do you have any Houseguest Horror tales to tell?

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