Kitty iPad Games

My cats play many games ranging from “who barfed on the dry-cleaning” to “guess what’s in the shoe today” and “let’s trip mamma on the stairs.”  When they aren’t sleeping, eating, kicking litter out of the box, sleeping some more, or musing on the meaning of feline existence (like YouTube sensation, Henri), they are playing. Unfortunately, that playing generally involves the rending of flesh (usually mine), destruction of furnishings, or beating on each other. Thank goodness for Nestle Purina PetCare’s Friskies Brand. In early March, they introduced the first dual-species interactive iPad games for terminally bored cats and their humans, following up a short time later with android tablet versions. You can download all the games for free at iTunes or the Google apps store.

Play iPad games for cats like Cat Fishing and Cat Fishing 2, Jitter Bug, Tasty Treasures Hunt and Party Mix-Up against your furry friends. According to Friskies, every aspect of the games from colors and movements to image shapes “have been researched and tested for maximum feline fun.” As tantalizing objects zoom around your iPad, iPhone or tablet screen, use your finger (or paw) to tap and score points.

And the cats are cleaning house (not literally, of course. That’s our job). Visit the You vs. Cat website to view the live leaderboard where Friskies is tracking worldwide gameplay. As of early July, cats were ahead of their human caretakers by almost 2 million points.

Provided you play with a bare screen, your gadget should not come to any harm. Per the website, “Based on our direct, cat-gamer experience, the bare, glass screen on the iPad® stands up to cat’s claws with no problems. Plastic film covers? Not so much.” Hmmm… plastic film covers must be about as durable as the skin on my shins.

Does your cat love technology? What games does he play? Let us know in the comments.

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