Keeping Your Pets Safe, Indoor Edition

We all want our pets to be safe, and we often concentrate on outdoor dangers. But there are many dangers inside—including garages and storage areas–that may harm our pets.  Some household objects that we may not even consider dangerous pose significant threats to our furry friends.  Take a look at some common dangers, courtesy of The Humane Society:

  • Automobile antifreeze with ethylene glycol: a sweet tasting liquid that may attract animals, but is also highly deadly.  Pet owners may want to purchase antifreeze with propylene glycol instead, as this variety is less harmful if ingested by pets. Keep it all in a cabinet, though, just to be safe.
  • De-icing salts:  these are highly irritating to the paws of our pets and may prove poisonous should the pet try to lick it.
  • Poisons and traps: used to kill rodents, these may prove harmful to pets.  Additionally, pets may eat rodents that have been killed via poison, thus poisoning the pet!
  • Poisonous household plants: Plants that may prove poisonous to the unsuspecting pet include azaleas, lilies, mistletoe and philodendron
  • Chocolate:  This delicious human treat is poisonous to dogs, cats and ferrets.

A full list of dangerous household objects from the Humane Society can be found at:

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