Keep Your Pet Safe this Fourth of July

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Pets

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The Fourth of July is a cherished holiday. It is typically celebrated by having a meal with family or friends, followed by an evening of entertainment—usually in the form of fireworks.  While this is often a great time for people, it is important to think about your pets, as well.

It may sound strange, but pets could find themselves in danger on the fourth if precautions are not taken.

1. Take Precautions

Whatever your plans are for the holiday, make sure you have made preparations for your pet to the best of your ability. It is helpful to know your pet’s habits – what makes them anxious or sick – and to plan accordingly. Below are some great tips and tricks to keep in mind as you enjoy the fourth.

  • Double Check. Sometimes unexpected events occur on nationwide holidays. For example, a young relative could leave the gate open on accident, and Fido escapes! For cases like this, the best precaution to take is to double-check that the information on the ID tags is up-to-date and secure. Some owners have even invested in buying microchips for their pets, so that they can easily track their pet. Find out more about our own Pet Finder program.
  • Prepare Pet for Fireworks. Many animals become anxious because of the fireworks. This can be caused by loud noises, the smell of sulfur, bright lights – or a combination of all three. There are many options when it comes to preparing your pet for fireworks, including:

    • Expose Pet to New Sounds – Perhaps a couple of days before the actual firework show, pop in a CD of different sound effects and stay with the pet to help encourage them.
    • Set Up the House – Make sure you have an environment where your pet will feel safe in the midst of fear. You can do this by:
      • Leaving a few lights on in the home.
      • Using a blanket over the cage to dampen the noise from outside.
      • Playing a CD of familiar sounds.
      • Provide food and water if you will not be at home.
      • Check with the pet often or stay with them for maximum comfort.
    • Get Outta Town – If you don’t have a strong desire to see fireworks either, take your pet and hit the road! Spend the night out under the stars for a relaxing weekend away from the noise.

2. Dos and Do Nots

Once the parties start, there are definitely some things you do and do not want to do when it comes to keeping your pet safe.

  • Do…
    • Watch What Your Pet Eats on Fourth of July

      Photo by Michelle N / CC-BY-ND

      Yard Sweep – Quickly double-check the yard after the party to make sure there is nothing accessible that could harm your pet.

    • Keep Your Pet Hydrated – If you decide to bring your pet along for the ride, make sure they have access to plenty of water. What a bummer it would be to spend the 4th at an animal hospital!
    • Keep Up their Normal Diet – It is NOT a good idea to feed your pet anything they would not normally eat. If you do, that could cause them to get sick.
  • Do Not…
    • Leave Alcohol Out – If your pet accidentally gets into alcohol, it can cause serious health issues in the future. Do yourself a favor and keep the alcohol locked up.
    • Apply Sunscreen to Pets – Putting anything designed for human skin on your pet is an unhealthy choice and could lead to larger health problems.
    • Give Your Pet Glow Jewelry – The chemicals in the jewelry can be extremely toxic. Do not allow your pet to play with them, no matter how fun they are.
    • Get Upset – If something goes wrong with your pet, the worst possible thing you could do is to become upset. It will help them most if you remain calm. If you have an emergency, call the vet right away, but do not leave your pet unless instructed.

This Fourth of July, keep these things in mind as you plan parties or outings. Make sure to prepare your pet as best as you can for the night – and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

What are some safety precautions you take for your pet on the Fourth of July? Let us know in the comments!

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