How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, it did. Imagine this weather, plus having to wear a coat of fur. That makes for one hot dog! Here are some tips to keep dogs cool.

Hot summer days are common in many parts of the country. But some pretty high temperatures have spread to a very wide area this year, including to some states, like Alaska, that are experiencing hot weather like never before! This summer, it is especially important to keep yourself and your pet cool and happy. Here are some ideas:

During the hottest part of the year, take your pet on errands with you, but only if the store allows pets. Of course, leaving your pet in a car without running air conditioning could be dangerous, even fatal, to your pet. They could suffer from dehydration and even heat stroke.

You can also help your pet this summer by giving routine brushings. During the summer months, many cats and dogs will shed like crazy. By brushing on a regular basis, you are helping to keep fur coats as light—and as cool—as it can be.

For dogs, finding ways to stay cool can be fun! When I was younger, we had a plastic kiddie pool, and our dog played in the pool with us. One of our Labrador Retriever’s favorite games was to “fish” ice cubes out of the pool. Another fun water game involves the old-fashioned sprinkler. You and your dog can run around together. This games offers an extra bonus, because you and your pet are exercising while staying cool!

What are your tips for keeping dogs cool this summer?

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