The K-9 heroes of 9/11

On September 11th we take the time to remember the victims and the countless heroes from that dreadful day. Humans were not the only heroes to save lives on September 11th and the days following, but many highly trained dogs save many lives as well.

That terrible day, nearly 100 dogs and their handlers traveled from all over the country to search for victims in the rubble. Many spent weeks searching in the hopes of finding more victims. They would work 8-10 hour shifts meticulously combing through the rubble. These selfless animals and their people worked hard to bring closure to the friends, families and coworkers of the victims lost that day.

All of the doggy heroes have retired or passed on, but their legacy still remains. Hundreds of active rescue dogs and handlers are working today. They help victims and families every day and are important members to every law enforcement and rescue teams.

While we remember the victims, families and rescue workers, we should take a moment to remember our K-9 counterparts who helped so many victims and families.

Do you know a K-9 hero? Let us know in the comments section.

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