One Interesting Veterinary Case

I saw some interesting veterinary cases while I was working in London.  One Sunday, when I had the misfortune of being at work instead of curled up on the couch with a good book or meeting friends for brunch, one such case happened to walk in.

It was a middle-aged west-highland white terrier who was brought in by his human parents, who were very concerned about him being 'not quite himself' for a few days.  Now, while I remember the case clearly, I am terrible with names so let's just call him 'Fluffy' for now.

Fluffy had been in to see different vets in the past few days, who had all found nothing wrong with him on clinical examination and had started him on antibiotics just in case there was an infection they couldn't detect.  When he came to see me, his parents told me he still seemed quite uncomfortable and restless.

Determined to be proactive, I took some x-rays of Fluffy's abdomen, in which I accidentally managed to include some of his chest.  What I saw in the chest had me so flabbergasted that I actually lifted Fluffy off the x-ray table (much to the offense of the nurses who always kept the table as clean as possible) to check whether this object was actually under him and not in him!

In Fluffy's esophagus (the food pipe), was a stainless steel razor blade!!  One of those old fashioned blades that grandpa's barber uses loaded onto a handle.

So what did we do next? Well, after much 'oh my gosh-ing' and standing around the x-rays rubbing our chins like us doctor types do, we decided to try and remove it using the endoscope, which is a camera that we can insert into the body to have a look around.  It worked- after getting a good view of the blade, we very carefully fished it out, being careful not to damage the esophagus on the way out.

I have to say this is one of the stranger things I have pulled out of a dog, and how lucky that we managed to have a happy ending to this story!

Did you dog ever swallow something interesting? Tell us the story in the comments!

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