Indoor Cat: The Way For Me!

Jack-Jack was a brown tabby tomcat with emerald green eyes, thick yet soft fur, and an unexpectedly dainty meow given his impressive size. He was also the unofficial welcoming committee in our corner of the townhouse community, hanging around outdoors, greeting residents as they walked to or from their cars. I was not immune to his charms, and I enjoyed my daily head bumps from Mr. Jack. But I spent even more time worrying about the ‘bad luck’ that might befall him outside as an outdoor cat.

Fights – The first rule of fight club may be “don’t talk about fight club,” but I don’t think cats care for rules. Skirmishing felines voice unmistakable screams and yowls that are enough to curdle the blood of any cat lover. Even worse, the bites and scratches that result can become dangerous abscesses.

Cars – Jack-Jack’s owners once told me that he was ‘afraid’ of cars so he would never get close enough to be run over by one. However, that fear sure didn’t keep him out of the street. All it takes is one distracted driver to bring a precious pet’s life to an untimely end. 

Wildlife – I love coyotes and foxes. I also understand that snacking on someone’s house pet is just their way of surviving in a world of diminishing resources. But I didn’t want Jack-Jack to end up on the menu.

Jack-Jack’s family moved away over the summer, and I can only hope that he is still alive and well. My own kitties will continue to spend their lives indoors, safe from fights, cars, wildlife and the other dangers that lurk outside.

Is your cat an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? Tell us about it in the comments!

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