Inappropriate Dog Bathroom Behavior

What can you do when your dog has some issues with proper dog “bathroom” etiquette?

The other day, I went on a walk with my friend and her dog, Buddy. On our walk, Buddy needed to use the restroom (both #1 and #2, if you catch my drift), and he proceeded to relieve himself in the middle of the street. Even when pooches are potty-trained, they sometimes have small glitches like this, as well as the occasional accident in the house. The good news is that these behaviors can be fixed with some patience and a few helpful tips!

  • To fix a problem like Buddy’s, begin with basic training. When your animal begins to crouch in the middle of the road—or a room—to relieve itself, reprimand it. Say “No!” and attempt to get your pet to a patch of grass, or wherever it is acceptable for it to go to the bathroom. You must be consistent with this until your furry friend begins to go to the appropriate spot. Once it begins doing that, reward it for its good behavior.
  • For accidents in the house, you can also follow the steps above. If your dog seems to be having a very difficult time with house training, try confining it to a crate or kennel and take him out regularly until is it fully house trained. Dogs do not like to eliminate where they sleep, so the area that it is confined should only be big enough for your pet to stand up and turn around in. When your pooch uses the bathroom in the correct place, it is time for a rewarding praise or treat!

If these tips don’t help, talk to your vet—especially if the dog has been well trained and such behavior is new. Stay tuned to future blogs for more on how to get rid of inappropriate dog behaviors!

Did you ever have trouble with dog bathroom behavior? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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