How to Tell If a Cat Loves You

I’ve been a cat owner all my life. I understand their needs. I appreciate their beauty. I try to interpret their often-subtle methods of communication. Yet I still spend time wondering if my cats love me or if they just tolerate me. Do they want to sit on my lap because they know that I enjoy it or because they consider me warm cat furniture? Is that adoration in their eyes or are they secretly plotting my demise? I think I’ll choose the first option, and here’s why. Here are some signs that a cat loves you:

They rub on me. Cats have scent glands on the sides of their head and on their chin. They use these glands to mark their territory, rubbing their heads on the corners of furniture, walls and even me. When they do this on my face, shins and shoes, they are claiming me as their own.

They sit near me. My house contains two large cat towers, six comfy cat beds and eight sunny windowsills – all favorite snoozing spots of average house cats. Yet, mine often choose to sit wherever I happen to be. That may mean perching on the back of my chair while I work or even on my keyboard – not the most comfortable places in the house.

They slow-blink. Direct eye contact is usually a challenge in the cat world, something they avoid unless engaging in a confrontation. However, cats will hold the gaze of those they like and trust. When I look at my cats, and they look back at me, they will often blink slowly. Cat behaviorists, like Jackson Galaxy of My Cat from Hell fame, consider this a kiss, kitty-style.

Do you know your cats love you? Have you noticed any signs of cat affection from them? Share your stories in the comments!

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