How to Save on Pet Care

Discover How to Save on Pet Care

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Let’s face it, pets are expensive. When you bought your pet, you might have envisioned the journey you were about to embark on with your new fuzzy friend, but you probably weren’t thinking about how much money you would be spending on them. Between the vet visits, the food, the grooming and every squeaky toy after another, having a pet can feel like being forced to choose between the piggy bank and their well-being.

But there is hope! Keep reading for how to save on pet care in day-to-day life.

Pet Food

Buying Generic Brand of Pet Food to Save on Pet Care

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We’re just going to be honest: pets don’t need fancy food. If your pet is perfectly healthy, they will be perfectly fine with eating a regular brand-name food from Wal-Mart. Occasionally, if your pet has health issues or a sensitive stomach, a vet may suggest a higher-end food.

The great thing is that the generic brand your pet needs is probably the cheapest thing on the self – and even cheaper if you buy it in bulk! Another way to save on pet food is to follow brands online – either via their social media pages or website. Many pet food companies have been known to promote coupons online.

Pet Supplies

If you are tempted to buy your pet cute sweaters for the winter or a new pet bed every month, stop. It’s a great thing that you love your pet – trust us, they love you, too! But dogs aren’t royalty. They don’t need new toys every week in order to function properly or even to be happy! The money you spend on extra supplies “just for fun” could probably go to more useful places.

That being said, a new product every so often is still okay – just be sure to sort by asking, “Is this an acceptable thing to buy, or am I going a little overboard?”

Tips to save on pet products:

  • Shop Online! Lots of bigger pet brands have coupons and discounts on their website. When looking, it’s always a prudent idea to keep an eye out for free shipping, too!
  • Subscribe. Take a look online to have pet food or cat litter regularly delivered to your home at a low cost!
  • Buy in Bulk. Bulk is 98% of the time cheaper than buying smaller packages two to three times a month. Shop around and do some digging online to see what brands come at a low cost and in bulk.
  • DIY. The Internet is a wonderful thing – these days you can find just about any tutorial on how to make your own kibble, treats, toys and even cat litter right in your own home!

Grooming and Boarding

A great way to save on pet grooming is to do it at home! Take a look at this past article on the basics of grooming your pet.

Boarding your pet at a pet hotel can get very expensive very quickly. If you have to go on a trip, but your fuzzy friend can’t come along, you may want to think of an alternative to sticking them in a boarding center. A great option is having a fellow animal-lover pet sit at your home. This could involve them living at your house while taking care of your pet, or simply swinging by a few times a day to feed or walk your pet.

If you do choose to bring your pet on a trip with you, remember to book at hotel room that allows pets inside.

Vet Care

Vet care bills are some of the biggest bills a pet owner will need to pay in the lifetime of their pet. A great precaution to take that will save you money is to visit the vet at least once a year – even if your animal is healthy. This will help the vet be able to identify any problems early, before they become a health emergency or illness.

If you have trouble paying for regular pet visits, there is still an affordable option: Pet Discount Plans. The discount plans at Pet Assure are not insurance and they work to save you money instantly! Signing up is easy; simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign up! Go to and became a member in as little as 5 minutes.
  2. Print your Pet Assure membership card, take it to any in-network vet and begin saving on procedures right away with no limits on use!
  3. When you sign up, you receive a 25% discount on all house medical procedures.

If you have any questions or concerns, call 1.888.789.7387 for assistance. We are happy to help!

In Conclusion

Life with a pet doesn’t have to consist of constantly pulling out the wallet. Try some of our money-saving tips above, and let us know how they went!

What tips do you have for saving money on pet care?

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