How to Safely Move with Pets


 Photo  by Charlotte /  CC BY-ND

Photo by Charlotte / CC BY-ND

Almost everyone dreads moving day, even our pets! Learn how to keep your pet safe and out of the way during this time.

I am actually preparing to move, yet again. However, this time is a little more difficult because I need to move while there is an animal living in my home. Mitzy, my roommate’s cat, will still be in the apartment while I am preparing my things to leave, and then moving out. This led me to wonder about the safest way for me to move my stuff around Mitzy. For others out there in a similar predicament, look below for some helpful advice I found!

  • Some animals, especially cats, aren’t too big on change. It is a good idea to bring in some moving boxes early, and leave them in a room that you will probably pack up last. This gives your animal time to investigate the boxes and get used to seeing them. Chances are, they may be seeing them for a while!
  • On moving day, keep your pets in a quiet room with the door shut, or at a friend’s house. This will help your animal to not be scared, and to keep it from making an escape through the open front door. Since I live in a two-bedroom apartment, I will probably have to either move Mitzy into my roommate’s room, or a bathroom. If the bathroom is the only choice for you as well, put a blanket and some toys—and maybe even a moving box!—in there to make your pet feel comfortable.
  • When you move into your new space, it’ll be tempting to let your animal explore. However, it is best if you pick a room for them to be in, and then keep your pet in that room for a while. Again, put a blanket and toy, along with food and water in the room with it. This will help your furry friend adjust to new smells and a new space, along with keeping it out from under all the moving feet! Once all the boxes and furniture have been unloaded, you can let your pet explore its new space.

Moving can be easy, even with animals involved! Did you ever move with pets? Share any tips you have with us in the comment section below!

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