How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer

Beat the summer heat. Here are some ideas you to be keeping your dog cool this summer.

With humans, beating the heat of the summer is relatively easy. We have fans, swimming pools, and for those of us in eastern North Carolina, we have the beach. However, for our pets, it isn’t that easy. While some dogs have short coats of fur, and others have coats that regulate their body temperature (huskies, I am looking at you), for some dogs it is awfully difficult to stay cool. Here are some helpful tips to keep your pet comfortable.

  • Dive for ice cubes: One of my dog’s favorite things to do is fish ice cubes out of her water bowl. You can also place ice cubes in a small kiddie pool, and your pets can play in that.
  • Sprinkler time: some families may own a sprinkler that both kids and dogs can play in and have a great time!
  • Ice cream—made just for your pooch: There are now ice cream brands that make that delicious treat solely for dogs. Yum! You can find these treats at your local pet store.
  • Swimming: If you have a pool, you can invite your pooch in for a swim. However, safety measures should be in place for your furry friend, such as making sure there’s a safe way for your pet to exit the pool. Also, if your dog goes for a swim in the pool, it is highly recommended that there always be a human companion swimming or watching nearby.
  • Brush: A great way to keep your pet cool is to maintain their fur coat. Brushing helps to thin out that winter coat, and it will substantially help with all that shedding!
  • Avoid wet shampooing during the summer heat. That strips the coat of natural, cooling oils.

Find a way to beat the summer heat, and take your pooch too!

How do you keep your dog cool in the summer? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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  1. Jim Lawson says:

    What's the difference between regular ice cream and ice cream made solely for dogs?

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