How to Find a Hamster

“Paging Mr. Hamster!” Finding a hamster or small rodent that has gotten lost can be difficult, so read on for some helpful tips for finding them!

I recently heard a funny story about a friend who lost her hamster, only to find it quite by accident the next morning. She was very surprised to find a moving, furry object in her sneaker when she got dressed that day! So, the goal of this blog is to have readers think like a small rodent if you ever need to find these little guys!

The first thing to do when a hamster goes missing is to secure your cat, if you should have one! Thoroughly search one room and then confine your cat to it. Or, if your cat is allowed to be outdoors, let it have a day out in the sunshine. After this, the search really begins. Start with making sure that there aren’t any holes or crevices in your home in which your hamster could have decided to investigate. Think along the lines of  the Tom & Jerry cartoon, if you have seen that show.

If you have no luck there, it’s time to start searching everywhere else. Check in couches, in cabinets, and underneath furniture such as bookcases and television stands. The pantry is an especially good place to look if you keep pet food there on or near the floor. After hearing my friend’s story, be sure to check all your shoes, too!

If all else fails, remember that hamsters are nocturnal creatures. This means that they are mostly active during the night. So lay out some tasty food and see if your pet emerges!

Hamsters are fun creatures who love to investigate. So, the next time you lose your furry friend, don’t fear. These tips can help you find him in no time!

Have you ever lost your hamster? Where did it turn up? Tell us in the comments!

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