Horses and Flies

Ew…flies! While horses may be huge creatures, little things can still annoy them…like bugs! Find out how to keep your hooved friend happy this summer.

I recently took a trip to a barn with my good friend who has ridden horses almost her entire life. I have to admit, I forgot how huge those animals are. So I started getting a little anxious when it became clear that the horse itself was pretty anxious. It started slapping the floor with one of its front hooves, and shaking its head. My friend kept patting and brushing its neck. I finally realized that I wasn’t the cause of his anxiety. It was the flies and mosquitoes buzzing around its head. This led me to wonder, is there such a thing as “Off!”  fly spray for horses, or any way to keep them more comfortable from all the bugs flying around?

The answer is…yes! There are several ways to keep your horse happy and bug-less this summer. One of the most popular ways involves vinegar—apple cider vinegar, to be exact. There are two ways that you can use it to protect your horse. The first is to add it to its drinking water. This method, however, could take some time to work, since the vinegar needs to get into your horse’s system. The other way you can use vinegar to keep away the flies is to make a spray with it. You can find multiple recipes online for making a cheap spray at home. All the ingredients are safe for horses, and the spray can be applied to the coat as soon as you whip up a batch.

For more information about making and using a vinegar spray, or adding vinegar to your horse’s diet, contact your veterinarian or an established equestrian breeder.

Did you ever try homemade fly spray for horses? Did it work? Tell us about it in the comments!

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