Horse Hair

My, what a pretty mane! While some horses are admired for having a beautiful mane, that extra hair can make them toasty in the summertime.

I don’t know about you, but I am having one hot summer! And I have it easier than most animals, especially those who have a fur coat to contend with. On that topic, I found myself wondering the other day, how do horses keep cool? Let’s find out!

There is a common misconception that only active or workhorses can get overheated. This is not true. The heat and humidity can affect all horses. So if you have one of these majestic animals, you can keep them safe from the heat by monitoring them throughout the summer months. There are many ways in which owners and riders can help keep their animals cool.

  • First, have fresh and cool water available for the horses to drink. Average-size workhorses can consume up to 25 gallons of water per day. Now that’s a lot of water!
  • If the horse is roaming in the pasture, make sure they can reach a shady spot to rest under.
  • Just like humans, horses sweat in the sun. This means that a horse might need an electrolyte supplement to replenish the salt loss. Talk with your veterinarian about a suitable supplement.
  • For riders, picking the right time of day to ride the horse will make a big difference. Avoid the hottest part of the day and opt instead to ride in the morning or late afternoon. After the ride, shower down the horse with cool (not cold) water.

This extra attention will help you have a happy and healthy horse all summer.

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