Hoof Problems in Horses

The more feet, the more problems. The most common equine diseases take place in their hooves.

Everyone knows that owners must take good care of a horse’s hooves, but just how important is it? The answer is: very. The most common and dangerous diseases take place in a horse’s hooves.

Some hoof problems in horses are:

  • Brittle Hoof, when the horn, or the spot below the hoof wall, becomes very hard and leads to the hoof cracking or breaking. Ouch! This disease often leaves the horse lame, or extremely slow and tender. This disease is most common in short-legged horses or horses that go from water to dry land frequently.
  • Club Foot, when one of the horse’s hooves grows more upright than the other hooves. The horse ends up favoring its other limbs. This problem won’t heal itself, so a vet should see your horse immediately.
  • Ringed or Ribbed Foot (Grass Rings), when the wall of the hoof has a series of ridges. Like brittle hoof disease, this is also caused by the horse going from wet to dry land. However, this disease is not overly serious and typically heals itself.
  • Spongy Hoof, when the horse’s hoof becomes too soft. The hoof appears greasy and becomes too weak for long walks. This disease often occurs in horses that live in marshy or wet environments.

For more information on horse diseases, please visit horse-diseases.com.

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