Home Remedies for Minor Pet Injuries and Illnesses

Home Remedies for Minor Pet Injuries and Illnesses

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You may not know this, but you probably have things all around your house that would become handy if your pet accidentally hurt themselves. For minor injuries, you can take the place of the vet and solve your pet’s problem quickly – without even leaving your home – with these home remedies!

1. Home Remedies for Minor Injuries/Illnesses

When we say minor injuries, we mean minor. Anything beyond an easy-fix problem needs to be taken up with the vet. Take a look at these resourceful solutions to common pet problems.

Home Remedies to Treat Pets Who Are Sick

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Note: Any supplies you may need are underlined.

  • Bee Sting. Bee stings can be harmful to pets because they can cause an allergic reaction. If your pet is stung by a bee, grab a credit card and scrape away the stinger – make sure that the venom sac comes out with it. Once the stinger is removed, if your pet has an allergic reaction, try giving them Quercetin – or take them to a vet.
  • Cuts and Scrapes. To clean the dirt out, apply contact lens saline solution to the cut. You can also use this on the eye if necessary. Remember to be aware of the scrapes when you play with or cuddle with your pet.
  • Digestive Issues. If your pet has constipation or diarrhea, give them 100% pumpkin (1tsp/10lbs). It has been known to work wonderfully for most mild digestive issues. You can give them a serving of pumpkin once or twice a day if it does not seem to be working. If issues continue, visit a vet for further help.
  • Dry Skin. Some pets get dry skin easily, causing them to be irritated and scratch often. To help hydrate their skin, try putting dog food gravy or olive oil (for a healthier option) in their bowl when they get fed. You can also invest in a humidifier, which is great for both you and your pet!
  • Ingestion of Toxic Chemicals. If your pet has ingested toxic chemicals, it is best to call your vet or Animal Poison Control right away. They may suggest inducing vomiting, in which case you can use hydrogen peroxide to do so. Do not induce vomiting unless instructed by a professional.
  • Low Blood Sugar. For a diabetic pet, having very low blood sugar can be dangerous. If you notice your pet’s body shaking or lip quivering, immediately apply honey onto their gums. Do NOT use corn syrup. It is important to act quickly to prevent a diabetic coma.
  • Nail Injury. If your pet has managed to break or cut a nail, applying styptic powder will stop any bleeding. Wrap nail with gauze if necessary.
  • Let’s face it – pets can stink to high heaven. And unfortunately, the movie Beethoven was wrong – if your dog is sprayed by a skunk, tomato sauce won’t do a thing. So here’s a quick and easy recipe to treat your dog’s stench:
    • Water
    • 1 qt Hydrogen Peroxide
    • ¼ c Baking Soda
    • 1-2 tsp Liquid Soap

Apply the mixture to your pet’s fur just like shampoo: lather and rinse thoroughly.

  • Thunderstorm Phobia. Pets often become anxious or skittish when a storm is coming. This is because of the static electricity in the air that shocks them. To help eliminate the static, keep them in a steamy room or rub dryer sheets on their fur.

2. Keep in Mind and Stay Alert

In some cases, pets become defensive when they are injured. Be very aware if your pet is irritated – they may bite if you try to help. Stay away from the mouth or muzzle them if you can. Talk to them in soft tones to help them calm down.

Be Alert When Treating Pets Using Home Remedies

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Remember to stay alert for signs of an injury. You want to be able to spot a problem before it becomes a life-threatening issue. If you see your pet doing something strange, such as what they call “head pressing,” take them to the vet ASAP.

If you do have an emergency, stay calm. Take a look at our past article: What to Do in Case of a Pet Emergency. And always keep the vet on speed dial.

We hope that the next time your pet has a minor injury you’ll be able and prepared to help them. Let us know in the comments below any other tips or tricks for helping your pet with minor problems.

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