Holiday shelter donations

Holiday season is right around the corner. Perhaps you and your family can give back this year to your local animal shelter. Rescue organizations are always looking for donations and it is easy for your family to make a difference.

Shelters are always looking for food, litter boxes and other pet care items. Check with your local organization to see what items they are looking for. Next time you are in the pet store, consider picking up a few extra items to donate. One simple donation can help many pets spending the holidays at the humane society.

If you have extra time, ask the shelter about volunteering. Many need help feeding and walking animals. Consider volunteering to become a foster parent. Pets in shelters need socialization just like any other animal. Shelters use foster parents to train, socialize and prepare these pets for their new family.

Monetary donations are another great way to help. Many shelters create programs to sponsor specific pets. When you sponsor an animal, your donation is used to care for that pet. Your involvement is more personal and the shelter will give you updates on the animal’s well-being.

Consider giving a shelter pet a great holiday by donating to your local shelter. There are many ways to help.

Have you donated to your rescue organization? Let us know in the comments section.

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