Holiday Pet Safety

Holidays are a joyous time of year, but also a time of year for accidents. Learn how to keep your pets safe from holiday pet hazards this season.

It’s that time of year again! In stores and maybe at your house, the decorations have gone up, candy canes are now in stock, and friends and family are starting to visit more often. While these are all very exciting things, the holidays can be stressful on pets just as much as it can be stressful for you. Extra hazards abound, too, when your pet is tempted to investigate new visitors or decorations.

Here are our tips to keeping your pet safe as well as stress free this holiday.

  • If you have visiting family or friends, check out your pet’s stress level. Not all pets are comfortable with strangers invading their space. You may want to find a separate space for your pet to chill for a little while, or for as long as he wants. A separate room or space will help your pet to de-stress and become acclimated to the new situation. This separate space should include water and food, along with a comfy place to snuggle and a few toys.
  • If you are having a holiday get-together that includes alcoholic beverages, make sure that the alcohol is out of reach of your pets. If your pet ingests it, the alcohol could make him very weak, or worse. Too much can cause coma. Alcohol can also be fatal to pets because it can lead to respiratory (breathing) failure. If there’s an alcohol spill onto the floor, remove your pet from the room and thoroughly clean up the spill. Put away dirty dishes and drink glasses as soon as possible, too.
  • Give visitors a place to store their belongings away from your curious pets. This includes pocketbooks or bags with medicines. The only medication your pet should be taking is its own! So, just as you might remind guests to keep medicines away from children, remind them about your pets, too. Any medications that are brought into the home should be stored where pets cannot get to them.

By taking extra steps to protect your pets, you’ll make this a great and safe holiday season.

What steps are YOU taking to protect your pets this holiday season? Share your tips with us in the comment section!

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