Holiday Pet Safety

There are a lot of things to think of during the holidays, including how to keep your pets safe and relaxed!

This time of year is not only hectic with the preparations and shopping, but also with people coming and leaving the house. If you have a skittish or shy pet, this can really take its toll and stress your animal out. While some pets are quite content to receive all the attention from new friends, some animals would rather be left alone. Here are some tips for pet safety and a stress-free this holiday season.

If your pet falls into the anxious category, try to find a secure and safe spot for it to hide out in. In this spot, include a cozy blanket or bed and some toys, along with food and water. This will considerably lessen your pet’s stress when visitors arrive.

There are also other ways to keep your pet safe during the holiday season. While ornaments on the tree may seem fun to play with to a cat, such decorations can also be dangerous. You may want to ensure that your Christmas tree, if you have one, is securely anchored. If not, it could easily tip and cause injury to a pet. Another note on decorations is to double-check that no wires are easily accessible to furry friends, and that there are no edible decorations lying around for pets to gobble up! This is a good note not just for the holidays, but for any time you have decorations around.

This time of year should be marked by happiness, for both you and your pet! Safety and security are key to that happiness.

What steps are YOU taking to protect your pets this holiday season? Share your tips with us in the comment section!

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